Starting at noon on Saturday, October 13, there will be activities for kids, families until 6 PM. For adults, the fun continues until 10 PM.

Participating venues include The Waterfront District Neighborhood (36th Street and N. Adams), 34th Street Market (located at Carr & 34th Street), Caffe Luciano’s, The Sandbar, Coiled Wines, Telaya, and more. Check out the map.

What People Are Saying

Dawn Snapp, owner, U-Haul, president, Garden City Chamber of Commerce:

“Garden City is on the move, and we’re excited to share all the new businesses and local artists’ work with the larger Treasure Valley community through this collaborative event.” 

Michael Slavin, co-owner, 34th Street Market:

“We love being in this area. It’s the Venice of Boise, brimming with life, great food, beer and wine, and the arts.”

Hannah Ball, principal, Urban Land Development:

“To me, Garden City is the best community in the Treasure Valley. We’re excited to show off all the new businesses, homes, and activity and invite people to imagine with us the future of this special place.”

 Kelly Marx, business manager, Coiled Wines:

“Coiled Wines is thrilled to be a part of Experience Garden City. Garden City is a great place to start and grow your business, and we want to be a part of showcasing the many breweries and wineries that call this community home.”

Experience Garden City

Saturday, Oct. 13, 2018

Courtesy of 34th St. Market

Courtesy of 34th St. Market

I feel it’s the Venice of Boise. This is the classic story of it’s on the water. Industrial use. It’s very rundown, then artists move in because it’s actually affordable. Then people think it’s cool!
— Michael Slavin, Co-Owner, 34th St. Market